New to Just Deserts? GREAT! Well…not great…but at least you found me! Just Deserts is a lil comic originally based off Battlefield 1942, which then shifted to Battlefield 2, which then suddenly started its own wacky lil storyline. If you’ve played the Battlefield series, you can start reading the very early comics filled with Battlefield humor. Or if you haven’t played any, you can start reading from when I gave the comic an actual storyline. Having some basic FPS game knowledge and reading about the characters would be all ya need to get through the adventure w/o scratching your head everyday. Though I apologize for some strips which contain too many inside jokes that are within my tournament (or even between me and a few people! Grin). I blame you for not being cool and getting a computer to run BF2 and joining 21CW back in the day. ALSO…you might also like to look through this FAQ for more info. If you still don’t get anything, then go away! Grin