This post will contain vital info that if you fail to read, could cause loss of intelligence, embarrassment, death, ignoringtation, etc.
Ok. So, a sig. I draw 550×200 sized sigs (i.e. near forum rule max. If you want a sig from me, don’t expect to add quotes or many extra images Razz), in a cartoony vector styling. Examples are everywhere, though you can see all of my last campaign’s sigs HERE. Also, if you look around (click the chapter 10 label below) you will see my style has changed a bit (proportions and a neck mainly).

1. I do not draw bloody, scary, offensive, what-nots on my sigs. Only good, clean cartoons ok? If you haven’t seen it on a sig before, then I probably won’t do it. Even commissioned sigs fall under this rule, I have my standards. Razz

2. If you had a previous sig, I won’t make you a new one unless it’s more than a campaign old. Simply put, if you got one last campaign, get out of my face. ^_^ (Of course this doesn’t apply if you are gonna pay for your new sig ;D)

3. IF YOU WANT YOUR SIG DONE FASTER, keep it simple. I am lazy, and don’t like to draw complex and intricate little things for you, for free. So the less complex (and more detailed you are in what you want exactly) the quicker you’ll probably get it. However, if you do pay, feel free to reasonably complicate your sig according to your payment amount. Wink
You must fill your requests with THIS form, or I will ignore you. Sorry, but I gotta keep things organized.

People In Sig: (If you/others don’t have a character already, BE DESCRIPTIVE OR YOU WILL BE A GENERIC SOLDIER and that makes you less special).
Style: Old or New?
Commission Amount: How much are you blessing me with? Wink

Anyway, post your COMMISSIONED requests as a comment here. (Everyone else go the sig thread) You can use the Anonymous, or preferably “Other” option. That way, you can enter your name right away. If you don’t want to pay, you’ll just have to wait till requests are open. Razz Thanks for your support guys!
Sig Status:
Black – Done
Chalkoutline – Done
Steve – Done
Vontratha – Done
Stu – Finally
Grim – Done
Slayer – Done
Amerikai – Noob
Cowboy – Done