Well that sucks, I’m so ashamed of going 1 week without a comic. Frown Good news is all my major exams are over so…I should get back to drawing soon. In the meantime, here’s a project I worked on the past 2 days with a friend. About 12 hours of coloring with crayons, but we haven’t been graded yet as we needed to write up a report on it as well! Razz It’s a drawing “Julian Beever” style.

Also, for those browsing through the shops, after looking over it, I found that none of the product links seem to work. Razz For some reason the combine linking from Cafepress is breaking them, so what you have to do is when you click a product, you’ll notice in your address bar a “justdes1,justdes2.1234567” ending. Just erase one of the “justdes#”‘s from the address and you’ll be set. Gotta file a report for that crap. Razz